Shapes is the endeavour of a small team dedicated to creating quality art packages for the Unity Asset Store. We provide studios all around the world with premium 3D and 2D art packages. For the time being it’s a love project, but as we grow our brand, we plan to slowly growing it into a full-time gig.

Core Team

Zsolt Török – Technical Director – Founder

Zsolt is the handyman of the team, he manages the assets, and tends to all the technical needs of Shapes. His general tasks include:

  • modeling and texturing
  • creating particle systems
  • managing all the assets in the projects
  • maintaining and running the Asset Store page
  • maintaining and running this website
  • managing public relations in general

You can find more about him here: Linkedin Deviantart Artstation Twitter

András Nagy – Art Director

András is the lead tastemaker, creating amazing compositions, fixing colors and textures, and generally making sure that everything is in top notch quality. His general tasks include:

  • creating compositions with the assets
  • lighting and coloring the scenes
  • fixing textures and models
  • directing all art related aspects
  • creating marketing material for the assets

You can find more about him here: Linkedin Artstation Website Twitter


Support Team

Norbert Kiss – Marketing and PR support

Norbert provides us with tips and tricks and years of experience in the fields of PR and Marketing.

Roland Zsámboki – Webmaster and Site Builder

Roland created and maintains this website.



Vortex Panda Entertainment provides Shapes with their assets from the award winning indie title Fantasy Breaker. András was their artist who created all the graphics included in the game.