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Uncharted Lands is a massive collection of assets in four different scenarios. Just as our previous packs, this one delivers high quality foliage, terrain assets, a handful of decorative objects, skyboxes and four fully realised scenes in different scenarios.

We have included tons of terrain textures based on high-poly sculpts, a huge selection of trees and bushes which can be further modified, edited or built upon. The pack also contains a lot of color variations for rocks and ruin pieces to give an example on their usage. The particle systems are also very simple, but effective, you can easily modify them to your needs. There are also a handful of “hero” objects which were used to estabilish unique scenarios for each scene.


Including lots of useful color information, editable particle systems, and example light scenarios!

List of assets:

  • 3 pieces of 2D background images
  • 3 skyboxes
  • 6 grass types
  •  7 crystals
  • 7 decor objects (statues, sphere, beamer, flag etc.)
  • 11 ground textures
  • 17 bushes
  • 18 particle systems
  • 18 kinds of rocks, pebbles
  • 20 pieces of ruins (pillars, walkways, bricks, walls etc.)
  • 34 tree objects
  • 35 tiled textures (including normals from high-poly models)

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